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MoHealthWINs Helped North Central Students Learn How to Earn

North Central Missouri College used the MoHealthWINs grant to offer a certificate program in Pharmacy Technology and Associate Degree in Nursing. NCMC accelerated progress for low-skilled and other workers by assessing their skills and creating a Skills Enrichment program to help them progress academically.

Assessments administered prior to academic work gauged students’ ability and addressed skills gaps in reading, writing and math. Students received self-paced remediation, along with career exploration and soft skills coaching.

Stackable credentials allowed students to progress toward career goals. All certificates were aligned to industry standards to meet needs for employees in high-demand fields.

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Skills Enrichment

North Central Missouri College’s skills enrichment program takes learning to a new level

Students recently participated in North Central Missouri College’s first-ever Skills Enrichment Program, developed through the MoHealthWINs grant.  The program is a series of workshops designed to teach learning, career-readiness, team-building and leadership skills.  Applying these concepts, skillenrichment_mohealthwins flier 04092013students complete a learning style assessment to ascertain how they learn so they can optimize their study time.  Other workshops teach students how to locate digital information and how to sharpen their critical-thinking skills. Says Grant Lead Sarah Maloney, “The goal of the learning series of workshops is to teach students how to study smarter, rather than longer or harder.”

There’s much more to the new program: During the career-readiness series of workshops, students complete a work personality assessment, write a resume, participate in mock job interviews and discusse the soft skills necessary to be a successful employee. The Skills Enrichment workshops also incorporate team-building and leadership exercises.

One student who was reluctant to take the Skills Enrichment Program workshops because he thought they would duplicate what he had learned in an Employment Strategies course, said he was glad he signed up for the program. He said the study techniques and tips he learned had already paid off by helping him focus during study times and that the mock interviews built up his confidence.

This student  shared his positive experiences with Janet Vanderpool, NCMC Dean of Allied Health, and with the Grant evaluators.


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