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MoHealthWINs Enriched Job Pool in Nursing and Health Information

The MoHealthWINs grant enabled East Central College to launch two innovative programs to address crucial needs for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and Health Information Management (HIM) in the

MoHealthWINs is designed to help individuals who need retraining acquire a new skill for employment. When Tiffany Ferguson lost her job in manufacturing, she took advantage of MoHealthWINs by completing not one, but two grant programs. She earned an Associate of Applied Science Degree and a certificate. “I was in a factory all my life,” said Tiffany. “I had no idea what the medical field was all about until now.”

The hybrid CNA program at East Central prepared students to care for clients in long term care facilities, hospitals and home health agencies. They received 100 hours of supervised clinical training and 75 hours of both online and classroom instruction.

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Student Success

East Central College student describes success through MoHealthWINs

vdVicki Danley has been a student with East Central College for 3 years and has excelled in everything she touches.  She has had her academic and personal challenges but never gives up.  Her ultimate goal would be to receive a Bachelor’s degree and return to East Central to teach the subject she is currently studying, Health Information Management.  She is schedule to do her Professional Experience Class this summer and graduate in the fall of 2013.

She participated in the Modified Transitions and has become exceptionally prepared for the soft skills needed to be a lead in an office setting.  She currently enhances her skills by tutoring fellow cohorts of the MoHealthWINs program in the Learning Center at East Central. Here is her testimony:

“My name is Vicki Danley and I am a 59 year old HIM major.  I sat back many a day and reflected on my decision to move from Business (Wal-Mart, JC Penny Manager) into the Health Care Field.  The reality of it all brings me to my knees and I am here largely because of the Graduate St. Louis and MoHealthWINs.  Financially and emotionally they have bridged the gap between will I make it and ecc webyes I can…  These two organizations have given an added confidence that someone of my age greatly needs.  I have become a tutor because of their direction and taken on much more academically than I ever could have imagined.  Staffs in both of these organizations are a continual reminder that good people do exist and people do look out for each other.  I have laughed, cried, confided and beloved through them all that there are reactions to an action and dreams do come true a day at a time.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Graduate! St. Louis and MoHealthWINs programs.  I will follow their example believing and helping people believe that they matter.”

ECC Retention Coordinator Eilene Acheson — shown here displaying their Grant promotion poster — said, “East Central’s Learning Center is now embedded in the culture of the MoHealthWINs students culture.  Since the Grant office is located in the Learning Center, students feel like they have a place to go when they have any questions or need to drop off information for us to retrieve. If I need to locate one of them for any reason I just have to go to The Learning Center and they have their own area.”


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