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MoHealthWINs Expands Opportunities in Southwest Missouri

A Cinderella Nursing Program might be the best way to describe what Crowder College has accomplished with the MoHealthWINs grant. What started as a program in a remodeled lumberyard now thrives in a new $6 million facility. Money received through MoHealthWINs and a Missouri Foundation for Health grant were used to purchase equipment and offer educational opportunities for residents in a community that is medically underserved. This start-up provided Crowder the momentum it needed to solidify strategies for healthcare career training.

The MoHealthWINs grant enabled Crowder to train students to become Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and obtain an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). The grant expanded the program from Crowder’s Neosho campus to McDonald County to increase the number of certified health care workers in a three-state area. The CNA program, a prerequisite for the Associate Degree Nursing students, allowed students to obtain entry-level certification.

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New Nursing Programs

Crowder College creates new nursing programs with MoHealthWINs

cc1Through the MoHealthWINs grant initiative, Crowder College has established two new programs at the Pineville location in McDonald County. The Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program and the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) programs are off to a great start with full cohorts for each new start.

The six week CNA program  prepares participants to enter the healthcare workforce at an entry level position and is also a requirement for admission to the ADN program.  The typical ADN program is a four semester, two year program, but Crowder has established an accelerated ADN program that is four semesters but includes two summer semesters allowing the students to graduate in just 14 months!

A tuition waiver for program specific courses is available to qualifying participants through the MoHealthWINs initiative.  Crowder Grants Director Cindy Branscum said, “MoHealthWINs has made it possible for Crowder College to launch the ADN and CNA programs in McDonald County where participants are eagerly taking advantage of this life changing opportunity and at the same time changing the education culture of the community.”

cc2Both the ADN and CNA programs have clinical components that are hosted by various healthcare providers in the region.  These are the same providers who will eventually become the employers of our graduates.

As part of the ADN curriculum students are encouraged to continue their education, working towards a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and eventually a Masters Degree in Nursing.  There are two ADN students simultaneously enrolled in classes at Missouri State University working towards their BSN and three other ADN students planning to do the same in the fall.

The first McDonald County ADN cohort started in the Fall 2012 and will graduate in May 2014.  The second ADN/Accelerated group will begin in June 2013 and graduate in July 2014.  Four CNA cohorts have completed with the fifth group set to begin and complete this summer.


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