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MoHealthWINs Addressed Student Preparation for High Demand Fields

St. Charles Community College prepared students to become certified assistants to nurses, audiologists and radiologists, and medical lab and patient care technicians. Low-skilled workers’ needs were addressed through a GED/Hybrid program that served more than 200 students. The grant improved retention by developing and expanding short-term job readiness programs that resulted in industry-recognized credentials.

The college collaborated with other colleges and with industry to provide students with hands-on experience and skills in these high-demand fields.

Courses were offered as hybrid and online classes so students could fulfill course requirements without barriers from place and time.

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GED Hybrid Class

St Charles Community College GED hybrid class sees first students earn credential

Earlier in life Carrie North found a full-time job without having her GED. However, after some time away from the workforce to get married and start a family, things changed. When she was ready to go back to work, the 40-year old mom knew she needed her GED.

scc webSCC’s tuition-free GED hybrid class allowed North the solution she was looking for – and it was the first step in the process to becoming what she wants to be – an EMT.

North, of St. Charles, admitted it was a little scary learning math on her own, but with help from the instructor, Shirley Berryman, along with her husband and son, she earned her GED credential.

“I thought the GED hybrid class was awesome, especially since I have kids and we are a one-income family,” North said.

SCC’s GED hybrid class combines online classwork with face-to-face instructional assistance, and is designed to help adults obtain the credentials needed to gain employment or move up in a current job. The class is free to those who qualify and was made possible by the MoHealthWINs grant that was awarded to community colleges across the state and funded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration.

While the class is online and self-paced, students are able to email or meet with Berryman for assistance. She spends some time on campus, as well as at off-campus sites in Clarksville, Elsberry, Montgomery City, O’Fallon, Troy and Warrenton, Mo.

In its first year, 95 students have enrolled in the GED Hybrid class, one of the tuition-free offerings made possible by the MoHealthWINs grant. SCC also has signed agreements with Jefferson College, Moberly Area Community College and Ozarks Technical Community College to offer tuition-free options for SCC students seeking healthcare careers.

Shirley Berryman (left), Adult Education and Literacy instructor, helps Sherry Guariglia, of Augusta, fill out an application for the GED test.


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