Missouri Community College Association http://mccatoday.org Advocacy for Missouri's public two-year institutions Tue, 24 Nov 2015 21:56:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 ECC Renovation Project Approved for Missouri Tax Credit Program http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/ecc-renovation-project-approved-for-missouri-tax-credit-program/ http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/ecc-renovation-project-approved-for-missouri-tax-credit-program/#comments Tue, 24 Nov 2015 21:56:50 +0000 http://mccatoday.org/?p=10782 East Central College has been approved to receive up to $600,000 in tax credits from the Missouri Development Finance Board to assist with fundraising efforts to create the Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Workforce Training adjacent to ECC’s main campus in Union.

The tax credits will be available to individuals, corporations and funders that contribute to the ECC Foundation campaign to raise $1.2 million to renovate the former Gala Center into a facility for technical education and workforce training.

“We thank the Missouri Development Finance Board for their support of this project,” noted Dr. Jon Bauer, ECC president.  “This speaks volumes about the enormous benefits this project will have for our area.”

Bauer noted that any taxpayer – including any charitable organization that is exempt from federal income tax and whose Missouri unrelated business taxable income, if any, would be subject to the state income tax – would be entitled to the tax credit.

Contributors will receive a 50 percent Infrastructure Development Fund Tax Credit based upon their contribution.  A $20,000 contribution would result in a $10,000 tax credit which could be used by the contributor to pay certain taxes due to the State of Missouri.

The credits may be used to offset income tax, franchise tax or financial institution tax.  They can also be transferred to another taxpayer.

The tax credits issued by the Board cannot be refunded or carried-back.  They can be carried forward to offset future tax liabilities for up to five years and could be applicable when filing a 2015 tax return. The tax credit certificate need not be completely used on one return. Portions of the credit can be used in each of the succeeding five years to pay tax liabilities owed to the State of Missouri.

Shannon Grus, executive director of the ECC Foundation, stated that the tax credits will allow the Foundation to engage the civic and business community to help support the continued growth of East Central College.  “People can begin making donations immediately, with the minimum donation set at $1,000,” noted Grus. “Donations can be in the form of a check, wire transfer, or marketable securities, but must be made by December 31, 2017.”

Complete details are available at http://www.eastcentral.edu/foundation/.

ECC purchased the former Gala Center in April for $1.2 million. The renovation of the property will allow the college to expand its technical education programs in Industrial Engineering Technology, Precision Machining, and Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning.  The Center for Workforce Development, as well as labs and classrooms dedicated to workforce training, are also planned for the renovated space.

In September the college was awarded a $1.2 million grant from the U.S. Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration. “Combining the EDA grant funds, tax credits, institutional resources, and other donations through the ECC Foundation will make it possible for us to renovate the space into almost 22,000 square feet of up-to-date facilities that will benefit ECC students and the regional economy for years to come,” noted Bauer.

This fall ECC trustees authorized college administrators to apply for the MDFB’s “Tax Credit for Contribution” program which encourages private contributions toward public projects across the state.

Bauer stated that renovations should begin early next year, with the relocation of the programs expected before the start of 2016 fall semester classes.

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University Business magazine honors SFCC as ‘Model of Excellence’ http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/university-business-magazine-honors-sfcc-as-model-of-excellence/ http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/university-business-magazine-honors-sfcc-as-model-of-excellence/#comments Fri, 20 Nov 2015 15:40:03 +0000 http://mccatoday.org/?p=10762 SEDALIA—State Fair Community College is one of 17 colleges and universities nationwide being honored by University Business magazine in its Winter 2015 Models of Excellence recognition program.

Sponsored by Higher One, a leading provider of financial services to college and university campuses across the United States, the Models of Excellence program recognizes innovative approaches to encouraging and nurturing student success on campus.

SFCC was recognized for its campuswide Student Success Navigator Advising program, which pairs each student with a navigator as soon as they finish the application process. Navigators assist them with academic support services throughout their college careers.

Navigators are segmented by academic area both programmatically and physically, located not in a centralized advising office but throughout the SFCC campus to be near the classrooms and faculty offices of the majors of their assigned students. The idea is to better integrate faculty members with academic advisors so students have a seamless advising experience

“When students walk into an office suite, they don’t know who’s faculty and who’s [an advisor],” said Dr. Joe Gilgour, dean of Student and Academic Support Services. “We like that. We want them to feel like whomever they talk to in that room, they’re in good hands.”

Navigator advising is only in its second year, so retention and graduation data related to the program are inconclusive. But the navigators’ comprehensive outlook can only benefit in the long run, Gilgour believes.

“It’s from A to Z,” he says. “They’re helping students from the moment they get through admissions all the way to career placement or transfer to another university.”

SFCC navigators and Admissions and Outreach staff share a philosophy of “relational advising,” added Gilgour. Just as navigators build relationships with incoming college students, admissions advisors build relationships with high school students by giving them information about the college application process, financial aid, etc.

“We’re helping students become college students,” said Gilgour. “If they want to talk about SFCC, we’re happy to do that.”

In addition to SFCC, Winter 2015 Models of Excellence honorees include: Governors State University (University Park, Ill.); Miami Dade College (Miami, Fla.); University of San Diego (San Diego, Calif.); Southeast Technical Institute (Sioux Falls, S.D.); Florida State University (Tallahassee, Fla.); University of North Carolina-Charlotte (Charlotte, N.C.); Kent State University (Kent, Ohio); Georgian Court University (Lakewood, N.J.); Endicott College (Beverly, Mass.); Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, Ariz.); Northwest Arkansas Community College (Bentonville, Ark.); St. Petersburg College (St. Petersburg, Fla.); Syracuse University (Syracuse, N.Y.); University of Massachusetts-Lowell (Lowell, Mass.); University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Minneapolis, Minn.); and Excelsior College (Albany, N.Y.).

“The Winter 2015 honorees demonstrate insight into their student populations, as well as the ability to innovate in creative ways,” said Andrew Crawford, senior vice president of campus services and operations at Higher One. “We are pleased to recognize their efforts alongside University Business.”

University Business is the leading publication for senior managers at colleges and universities throughout the United States, reaching 75,000 leaders who manage enrollment, technology, business, finance, facilities and academic affairs. More information is available at www.universitybusiness.com.

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This press release and others can also be found online at www.sfccmo.edu.


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MCCA gears up for the legislative session http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/mcca-gears-up-for-the-legislative-session/ http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/mcca-gears-up-for-the-legislative-session/#comments Thu, 19 Nov 2015 16:56:55 +0000 http://mccatoday.org/?p=10740 Wide and narrow capitol crop
Given its rather tumultuous ending, we’re sure to feel the effects of last session well into the New Year. Furthermore, Missouri’s political climate was electrified by the events still unfolding at Mizzou and on other campuses across our state.  And, on top of it all, it’s an election year.  There’s no doubt the 2016 session will be an interesting one, wrought with challenges and opportunities for our colleges. Below is a list of MCCA’s top legislative priorities for 2016, as well as our analysis of the factors that will define this legislative session.

MCCA Top Legislative Priorities

  1. Equity Funding
    We’re asking the legislature and the Governor to provide an additional $11 million in equity funding for community colleges.
  1. Core Budget Funding
    We’re also asking the legislature and the Governor to provide adequate, equitable funding to support all public colleges and universities by increasing core funding by 6% with 1% of that increase dedicated to meet STEM program needs.
  1. A+ Scholarship Program
    Students that meet the A+ requirements should receive what has been promised to them: full tuition and fees at a community college or technical school.  The A+ program should be fully funded, and it should not be expanded unless the program is fully funded.
  1. Missouri Works Training Program
    We hope to achieve adequate support and funding for programs, such as the Missouri Works Training Program, that enhance workforce competitiveness and economic development.

2016 Session Outlook

It’s an election year
The 2016 Primary Election is Tuesday, August 2. All 163 seats of the House of Representatives, as well as all odd numbered Senate districts are up for election. In addition, we’ll see races for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer and Attorney General.  Election year politics always have an impact on the legislative process.

A veto-proof majority in the legislature
The House of Representatives will continue to have a Republican supermajority with 117 Republicans, 45 Democrats, and 1 Independent.  The Missouri Senate also has a Republican supermajority with 24 Republicans, 8 Democrats, and 2 vacant seats.  This gives the Republicans a veto-proof majority.  The House must have 109 votes and the Senate must have 23 votes to override any veto.

The Budget Battle
The Fiscal Year 2017 budget may be tighter than previously anticipated due to low revenue collections, a $50 million tobacco settlement loss, and a significant increase in our state’s Medicaid spending.  The state departments were allowed to submit new funding requests, which has not been allowed in recent years.  Many Capitol observers believe the laundry list of needs from the departments will make the budget drafting process that much more difficult.

The state’s revenue collections for October 2015 show an increase of 3%. Despite the increase, Governor Nixon recently withheld $46.1 million of funding from various services and programs to pay for the tobacco settlement loss.  However, House and Senate leaders disagree that the restrictions were necessary and believe that funding exists to cover the loss.

Key Issues
Look for University of Missouri System reform to be a heated topic out of the gate, along with St. Louis stadium financing and ethics reform. Other major issues we expect the legislature to tackle include transportation funding, common core replacement standards, right to work, health care reform/managed care, unemployment/minimum wage, St. Louis County sales tax and medical marijuana.

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MCCA honors 70 individuals for outstanding service to community colleges http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/mcca-honors-70-individuals-for-outstanding-service-to-community-colleges/ http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/mcca-honors-70-individuals-for-outstanding-service-to-community-colleges/#comments Wed, 18 Nov 2015 20:53:34 +0000 http://mccatoday.org/?p=10736 2015 MCCA Convention
Use the arrows on the right and left sides of the photos above to scroll through the pictures from convention.

Each year, the Missouri Community College Association honors excellence among community college staff, students and supporters. This year we honored some 70 individuals who have made significant contributions to their community through their local colleges.

Ann Brand – Mel Carnahan Award

Ann Brand worked in marketing, outreach and government relations at St. Louis Community College for some 30 years before retiring in 2013. In 2014, she served as interim executive director of MCCA before returning to St. Louis Community College, where she currently works part-time as the college’s government relations liaison.

Brand has served on numerous boards and commissions including ACE Government Relations Task Force, St. Louis Regional Chamber Public Policy Committee and AACC workforce task forces. She served as chair of the Higher Education Government Relations Council and on the boards of North County Inc. and the Greater North County Chamber of Commerce. She has a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of Missouri and an MBA from Southern Illinois University.

She is the 15th recipient of MCCA’s Mel Carnahan Award, the association’s highest honor for an individual. The Mel Carnahan Award was established to acknowledge the late Governor Mel Carnahan’s commitment to community colleges. It was first presented at the association’s 2000 convention, and honors the utmost dedication to the shared mission of Missouri’s community colleges.

Allieze Ruby Curry – Administrative/Professional Leadership Award

Ruby Curry was in her position as Interim President of Florissant Valley a mere month, when the national spotlight was cast on Ferguson. President Curry struck a masterful balance between fulfilling the college’s commitment to its home community and recognizing the necessity of maintaining daily campus operations. Her tireless efforts and the efforts of her staff demonstrate what it means to truly be a community college.

Dr. Harold F. Daum – Award of Distinction

Dr. Daum has a passion for modern art, and upon his retirement he approached his good friend and State Fair Community College art instructor Doug Freed with a proposition.

Not only did Dr. Daum offer to donate his massive personal art collection to the college, but in 2002, he donated $2.25 million for a museum to hold the art and another $500,000 in matching funds to create an acquisitions endowment for future purchases.

All told, his gifts are valued at more than $5 million, but the benefit to the college and the community of Sedalia are far greater.

The Daum Museum of Contemporary Art has already exposed many people in the community to the world of contemporary art and State Fair is proud to have the museum on its campus.

Paul Wentzien, CFO Delmar Gardens Enterprises – Award of Distinction

Paul is a longtime community college servant. He served on the St. Louis Community College Foundation Board from 1999 to 2008, returned in July of 2009, and will retire from the board this year.

Over the years he has worked tirelessly on behalf of the Foundation. In his time as Chair of the Finance Committee, he established the Foundation’s current framework for financial and investment policies. He served on the ‘Falling in Love in Five Courses’ Gala Committee and chaired the Audit Committee for the Foundation.

Through his service, Paul has secured many a sponsorship and many a corporate table—all in the name of advancing the mission of St. Louis Community College.

The Libla Family – Award of Distinction

Brothers Doug and David Libla started Mid Continent Nail Corporation as a small factory and have grown it into an industry leader and the family’s flagship company.

This May, the Libla’s were able to use this success to give back to the community in the form of a seven-figure donation to Three Rivers College.

Their donation will make possible the construction of the Libla Family Sports Complex, a 75,000 square foot, 3,000 seat facility that will serve as the new home of the Raiders and Lady Raiders basketball teams.

And this is just one of the many ways that the family has given back to the college.

State senator Doug Libla serves as a member of the board of the Three Rivers Endowment Trust and is a strong advocate for community colleges in the state legislature. David’s wife, Mary, chairs the Three Rivers Patrons of the Arts and the family has donated time and funds to many Three Rivers programs and projects.

Linda McGinnis – Classified Staff Achievement Award

Linda has served St. Louis Community College well for the past 42 years. She helped establish their first Student Ambassador program, which has since been used as a model by institutions throughout the United States. She has coordinated numerous events and fundraisers, even receiving the Bronze Award for Excellence in Alumni Special Events/Community Events from CASE District 6

Anthony J. Kreutz – Distinguished Alumni Award

Tony began his college education at East Central College in 1984, earning a certificate in welding the following May. In 1999, he returned as a part-time student, eventually earning his Associate of Applied Science. Tony then went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Lindenwood University.

In 1991, he began his career at SCI Engineering as structural steel manager, and in 2001 advanced to his current position as vice president and partner at the company.

Tony volunteers with many organizations including the Downtown Partnership of St. Louis, the Hawthorn Foundation, and First State Community Bank. He is a wish grantor with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, and in 2016 will serve as chairman of the organization’s governing board in Missouri.

Tony currently chairs the Mercy Foundation board and is on the executive board of East Central’s Foundation. He is a third degree knight with the Knights of Columbus in Washington, Missouri.

Jim Armstrong, Cornerstone Bank – Distinguished Alumni Award

Jim graduated in 1966, as part of Crowder College’s first graduating class. He went on to complete a degree in Accounting at the University of Arkansas and his banking degree at the Graduate School of Banking of the South at L-S-U.

The majority of his professional career has been with Cornerstone Bank, where he is the Vice President and Chief Lending Officer.

He served several terms on the Crowder College Foundation Board of Directors and is currently President of the Foundation.

Many members of Jim’s family have attended Crowder, including both of his daughters and one of his granddaughters.

Jim is a prime example of the Crowder College belief in Servant Leadership. He has supported the college with his time, money, professional expertise and his generous support of all things Crowder. He is a true Roughrider.

St. Louis Fire Commissioner and Chief Sherman George (Ret.) – Distinguished Alumni Award

Sherman has a pretty amazing story to tell

He was one of 12 children, born to sharecroppers in New Madrid, Missouri, where he helped his mother pick cotton

He had several jobs while in high school in St. Louis, one of which was delivering telegrams for Western Union

In 1963, he was hired by McDonnell Aircraft to work on F-4 Phantoms, and in 1965, he was drafted and served with the 1st Army Cavalry

It was after his tour of duty in Vietnam that he applied for St. Louis Community College’s Fire Science program

He spent 41 years with the St. Louis Fire Department. In that time, he earned his bachelor’s degree from Central Methodist University and took part in a fellowship at Harvard University

And in 1999, he became the first African American Fire Commissioner and Chief of the St. Louis City Fire Department

Church and Dwight Company – Distinguished Business/Industry Award

Beginning in fall 2014, Church and Dwight partnered with Metropolitan Community College to enroll 45 of their 250 employees in the Associate of Applied Science program for business management.

The ultimate goal of the collaboration is to enroll as many Church & Dwight workers as possible into a degree program.

Since spring 2013, Church & Dwight has worked closely with MCC staff and faculty, to help accommodate employees’ needs. MCC even designed a customized tutoring program with an emphasis on English and math.

MACC Fire Academy – Distinguished Business/Industry Award

Through a unique partnership with the cities of Kirksville, Hannibal, Moberly, and Macon fire departments, Moberly Area Community College has begun offering Fire Fighter I and II and Hazardous Materials training.

Previously this training was not available in northeast Missouri, despite the fact that most of the residents in this largely rural area are protected by volunteers whose fire fighters are required to have the same certifications as those in larger departments.

There is little doubt that this unique partnership will improve the public safety of northeast Missouri. The cooperation and camaraderie of this group is inspirational and provides a model of sharing resources and personnel in response to the needs of a larger community.

Piramal Glass-USA – Distinguished Business/Industry Award

A US Subsidiary of Piramal Glass Limited India, this company is a global supplier of glass containers for major cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical companies.

Piramal is also a valued industry partner and strong supporter of Mineral Area College’s Technology Department, often serving as an internship site, opening its doors for facility tours and loaning equipment for student lab use.

In addition, Piramal is an industry partner in the MoManufacturingWINs and MOSTEMWins grants. It has encouraged its incumbent workers to participate in these grants to help them skill up to meet current training needs.

Trilogy Analytical Laboratory – Distinguished Business/Industry Award

Staff from Trilogy Analytical have served, since the start, on the advisory board of East Central College’s Biotechnology program.

Over the years, the company has donated high tech equipment to the science department, and their generosity has helped improve technical training at the college.

Recognizing the importance of the STEM fields, Trilogy’s commitment to funding a scholarship helps provide financial support annually for a student studying at East Central College.

As part of outreach and recruiting, Trilogy opens its doors for tours of its laboratories for science students from various local high schools. They are as proud as we are of their partnership with East Central College.

Rep. Caleb Jones – Distinguished Legislator Award

Representative Jones represents Cooper, Moniteau, Boone and Cole Counties. He was first elected in 2010.

Prior to that, he worked on Capitol Hill focusing on agricultural and environmental issues. After working on the 2004 Bush/Cheney Presidential Campaign, Rep. Jones was appointed by President Bush to serve as Special Assistant in the United States Department of Agriculture.

Rep. Caleb Rowden – Distinguished Legislator Award

Rep. Rowden represents northeast Boone county and was first elected in 2012.

In addition to his legislative duties, Rep. Rowden owns Clarius Interactive, a media and marketing company. Rep. Rowden also had a successful career as a Christian musician.

Rep. Craig Redmon – Distinguished Legislator Award

Rep. Redmon represents Schuyler, Scotland, Clark, Knox, Lewis and Adair counties in the Missouri House of Representatives. He was first elected in 2010.

In addition to his legislative duties, Rep. Redmon owns a small business in Monticello. He previously owned and operated a convenience store.

Rep. Donna Lichtenegger – Distinguished Legislator Award

Representative Lichtenegger represents portions of Cape Girardeau County and was first elected in 2010.

She has 37 years of experience as a dental hygienist. After graduating from Normandy High School, she attended the University of Missouri then transferred to St. Louis Community College – Forest Park where she received her associates in Dental Hygiene.

Rep. Elijah Haahr – Distinguished Legislator Award

Representative Haahr has represented south central Springfield since he was first elected in 2012. In addition to his legislative duties, he is an attorney with Aaron Sachs and Associates and focuses his practice on workers’ compensation and civil litigation. He attended Ozarks Technical Community College and last year was named a distinguished alumni.

Rep. Jeanie Lauer – Distinguished Legislator Award

Rep. Lauer, represents part of Jackson County. She was first elected in 2010.

In addition to her legislative duties, Rep. Lauer is the founder and owner of The Management Edge, a firm providing mediation, strategic planning and performance improvement services to area enterprises. She also served as the Blue Springs District 1 City Councilwoman.

Sen. Brian Munzlinger – Distinguished Legislator Award

Senator Munzlinger, a lifelong farmer, is a 1978 graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia with a BS Degree in General Agriculture and a teaching certificate in Agriculture. He served in the Missouri House from 2002 until 2008, and then was elected to the Missouri Senate in 2010.

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed – Distinguished Legislator Award

Senator Nasheed began her career in the House in 2005, where she served until 2012. In August 2012 she was elected to the Missouri Senate. She has crafted legislation pertaining to the A+ program, and has worked tirelessly to help students in urban areas.

Sen. Joe Keaveny – Distinguished Legislator Award

Senator Keaveny represents the City of St. Louis and St. Louis County, and was first elected in 2009. In addition to his legislative duties, he practices in the trust and probate section of Weiss Attorneys at Law and continues to serve as committeeman for the 28th Ward in St. Louis.

Karen Jones – Global Educator Award

Among Karen’s many accomplishments is the creation of the Canterbury exchange program at St. Charles Community College. For more than 20 years, both students and faculty have the opportunity to study in Canterbury England, all thanks to Karen’s tireless efforts.

Rob Flatness – Mel Aytes Faculty Innovation Award

Instead of listening to traditional lectures, students in Mr. Flatness’ Turf and Landscape Management Capstone course are asked to choose an area on the campus grounds that needs updating. Students create a proposal for updating the area that they pitch to campus administration. One project is chosen, and for the remainder of the semester, the entire class works to complete the project. Through this innovative approach, Rob has turned teacher-centered instruction into student-centered learning.

Sara Sapp – Mel Aytes Faculty Innovation Award

In an effort to improve retention and completion in developmental math courses, Sara worked with the Math Department faculty to identify two strategies—a math placement appeal process and a co-requisite course.

Clemco Industries – MoWINs Partnership Award

Clemco Industries is one of Franklin County’s largest manufacturers of air-powered blast equipment.

The Washington-based company has a long-standing relationship with East Central College, which was strengthened significantly when Clemco leaders donated space inside their facility to house ECC training programs.

Since February 2015 the space has held six welders that are used in an 8-week program that was funded by the MO Manufacturing Wins program. Clemco also covers the utility costs associated with operating the welders and partners with the College to purchase materials and supplies for the program.

The relationship between Clemco and East Central is a great example of a public/private partnership that is leveraging resources to build the area’s workforce.

Doug Sokolowski, Townsquare Media – News Media Award

Doug’s enthusiasm for all things relating to State Fair Community College is outstanding.

Every month, Doug features faculty, staff and students from the college on his radio program, and each week he hosts a special ‘Coaches Show’ for State Fair athletics.

But his support for the college extends beyond the airwaves. He has played cameo roles in college plays, participated in celebrity basketball games and emceed athletic award ceremonies.

Even when the Roadrunners lost more than half the team during the fall semester, Doug kept people coming to the games and cheering on the team.

Kevin Jenkins, The Daily Journal – News Media Award

Ever since Kevin took over the Mineral Area College beat, he has gone above and beyond to educate the public on what MAC offers to Southeast Missouri.

For Kevin, community college is a topic that hits close to home. His wife is a high school teacher who occasionally teaches courses at Mineral, and his 21-year-old daughter just completed two years at the college.

Whether it’s covering or photographing MAC’s student spring picnic, a theatre production, art show, music performance, fundraiser, new program or trustee meeting, Kevin covers it all with a big heart, an open camera lens and a colorful pen.

The Daily American Republic – News Media Award

From coverage of campus events to spotlights on college programs, faculty and students, the Daily American Republic plays a significant role in spreading awareness of Three Rivers College

This April, Three Rivers appeared on the front page of the paper some seven times—and that’s a typical month

The articles that month ranged from a preview of the college’s production of “Oklahoma!” to information on Three Rivers’ instructor and adjunct instructor of the year.

Toriano Porter, Lee’s Summit Journal – News Media Award

Toriano has been an extraordinary champion of community college education and supporter of Metropolitan Community College – Longview. During his 3-year tenure with the Lee’s Summit Journal, he has shown tremendous dedication to covering student and campus accomplishments. He has truly gone above and beyond even agreeing to meet president Nooks at the airport for an interview about MCC’s Missouri Innovation Campus nomination.

Beverly Meyers – Senior Service Award

Beverly has taught mathematics for 23 years at Jefferson College. Over the course of her career, she has represented the college through many statewide projects of the Missouri Department of Higher education and has served for twelve years as an officer of the Missouri Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges

Carol Kuznacic – Senior Service Award

Carol has been a full-time Spanish instructor at MCC-Longview since Fall of 1989, and also served as the Foreign Languages Program Coordinator for most of that time. She has visited, lived and studied in Spain, Mexico and Guatemala

Denise Sebastian – Senior Service Award

As a Mineral Area College alum, Denise applied for a clerical position in the Financial Aid office in 1989. While working full-time she completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Business Administration, and in 1996, accepted the role of Financial Aid Director. During her tenure, she has seen the college’s financial aid disbursements increase from $8 million in 2006 to $19 million in 2012.

Dr. Brian Bechtel – Senior Service Award

Dr. Bechtel started with Metropolitan Community College in 1993 and has worked at the Penn Valley and Maple Woods campuses. He has served in a variety of roles over the years from Fitness Center Coordinator to Financial Manager and currently serves as Associate Dean in the Office of Occupational Education

James Page – Senior Service Award

James is celebrating his 25th year in the classroom and his 22nd year at State Fair Community College. He teaches U.S. History, and many other social science courses. He served as Division Chair of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine and Performing Arts and Education and Early Childhood disciplines and for the last two years, he has served as Division Chair for the State Fair online program.

John Buchanan – Senior Service Award

John started college at Metropolitan Community College (MCC) in 1981. At the advice of an MCC professor, he applied for a part-time position and has been part of the MCC family ever since. In 2003, he became MCC-Penn Valley’s Media Coordinator, a position that he has held with pride for the past 12 years

Linda Hubble – Senior Service Award

Linda is a Senior Instructional Designer at the Meramec campus of St. Louis Community College. In 2011 she was awarded the Sloan Consortium Effective Practice award for her project “Study Strategies and Student Engagement Using Wikis: Collaborative Note Taking with the Cornell Method.”

Lloyd Marchant – Senior Service Award

Lloyd has served Moberly Area Community College for the past 21 years, guiding the college’s investment in technology for the support of instructional and administrative functions. He has served in a number of capacities at the college, and is currently MACC’s Chief Information Officer

Marianne Crocker – Senior Service Award

Marianne was hired in May of 1991 as the first science instructor hired at OTC and taught prerequisites for the college’s nursing program. Thanks to her 25 years of dedication and hard work, OTC’s Bioclinical Sciences department is well-known throughout southwest Missouri as a respected and reputable educational program that thoroughly trains students for success in the Allied Health fields

Mark Kalmbach – Senior Service Award

Mark has worked in the Physical Plant Department at Crowder College since 1985 when he started as a part-time work-study student and as a weekend Night Watchman. Over the years his title has changed but one thing has stayed the same: Mark has always been dedicated to making everyone on the Crowder campus feel safe

Mary Joe Ritchie – Senior Service Award

Mary Jo has worked at Forest Park for over 25 years. She transferred from Admissions to the Information Systems Department in the late 90’s to serve as Project Associate for the Cisco Networking Academy, which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Nita Isenhour – Senior Service Award

Nita currently serves as the College Bookstore Manager at MCC – Blue River. She has been with Metropolitan Community College for over 21 years and has served as both an Assistant Bookstore Manager and Manager during that time.

Roberta Weseman – Senior Service Award

Robbie joined the nursing department in 1984, as a substitute for a faculty member on leave. She stayed on in various part-time capacities until 1986 when she became a full time faculty member. Having just completed her 29th year in the nursing department, Robbie has forged a career at East Central College that has developed a generation of nurses serving our community

Shirley Patterson – Senior Service Award

Shirley has been at Florissant Valley for 40 years. She started in 1974 as an administrative clerk and was promoted to division secretary for Social Sciences. She has also served on the Jeanette Kimbrough Scholarship Committee for Human Services since its inception and has been an assistant advisor to the Human Services Club

Stacey Ward – Senior Service Award

Stacey joined the library staff at Three Rivers in 1984, and currently serves as Coordinator of Library Public Services. Over the years, he’s seen a lot of changes at the library. When he graduated from the college in 1984, the library still used an actual card catalogue. Today almost everything is done digitally. In fact, just last year, Stacey helped create video tutorials to explain how to use many of the library’s online resources

Tina Sieker – Senior Service Award

Tina began working at St. Charles Community College in 1993 in the Adult Education and Literacy program. She currently serves as Associate Dean of Continuing Education, and was instrumental in the purchase of Lumens software, which allows students to register and pay online for non-credit classes

Tom Seger – Senior Service Award

Tom began his service to St. Louis Community College in August of 1989 at the Forest Park campus as a stationary engineer. He was promoted to lead engineer and served in that capacity until he moved to the newly-opened Wildwood campus in 2007.

Allen Blackman – Student Leadership Award

Allen Blackman is attending Three Rivers College studying Information Systems Technology and Engineering for transfer to a university. Although taking advanced math and science classes, he has maintained above a 2.5 GPA. Allen has been a Student Ambassador for two years, taking on a leadership role in mentoring and training new Ambassadors. He has been an exceptional Ambassador, always working much more than the required 100 hours per semester and going the extra mile to help students. Allen worked with the Ambassadors to raise $1,000 for UCAN and has helped with the collection of items for the Baptist Student Union food pantry. In May 2015, he received the Ambassador of the Year award for the 2014-2015 school year.

Anna Hirsekorn – Student Leadership Award

Under Annas leadership, the Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley chapter of Phi Theta Kappa completed their Honors in Action project and moved up from one star status to five star status. It was also through Anna’s work with PTK that she was selected to be part of the small working group that crafted the “Scout Creed” for the MCC-PV campus. In the development of the creed, students were asked to create something that spoke expected behaviors for the entire college community. Annas leadership was paramount to the creation and adoption of the creed by her campus.

Brian Barlay – Student Leadership Award

Brian Barlay has a knack for making students feel at home at St. Louis Community College – Meramec. He seeks ways to understand his peers and their motivations, and he helps them make connections between their goals and the opportunities available at STLCC. He has served as the President of the International Club, a co-founder of the Black Student in Education and Empowerment Club (BSEEC), a Public Relations Officer for Student Activities Council and a TRiO Mentor. Hes also been an active member of PTK, Global Justice, Student Government and a Peer Leader for the New Student Orientation Program.

Chelsey Valentine – Student Leadership Award

Chelsey Valentine currently serves as NCMCs Ag Club President, Student Senate Secretary, an Admissions Ambassador and is a member of Phi Theta Kappa. This summer, Chelsey was selected for the Barton Farm Mentorship Program where she was able to work in a wide variety of areas, which included: machinery operation, crop plot preparation, livestock handling and guiding tours. Chelsey maintains an excellent GPA and is actively involved on campus, while successfully balancing those roles with her responsibilities on the family farm. Chelsey is pursuing a career in Agricultural Business and plans to pursue her education at Northwest Missouri State University after she graduates from North Central Missouri College.

Drew Young – Student Leadership Award

Drew has made the Deans list every semester during his career at Crowder College. He has held various positions on the Crowder Sentry newspaper/media group staff, including Executive Editor of New Media. Drew has also participated in the Crowder Quill, Debate club, Honors program, international Paris trip, and Journalism and Mass Media club. He also serves as a Student Ambassador, Crowder Foundation volunteer, and as a member of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), and the Baptist Student Union (BSU). He has provided additional support to many campus departments including public relations, agriculture, financial aid, the Student Success Center, the Crowder Foundation, and the International office.

Elizabeth Wiley – Student Leadership Award

In her time at Jefferson College, Liz has served as President of Student Senate and the Active Minds chapter on campus. She also served as Vice President of Leadership for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and achieved Phi Theta Kappa Five Star Competitive Edge Member status during the 2014-2015 academic year. In 2015, she was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society, and she has served as a Peer Tutor as well as on the Student Learning and Support Institutional Committee, the Grounds Beautification Subcommittee and the Active Minds National Student Advisory Committee. She is currently President of the Missouri Community College Association Student Government.

Eric Johnston – Student Leadership Award

As Phi Theta Kappa president, Eric has led our Honors in Action and College Project development. He presented an idea to the administration to hold a scholarship workshop to help more students successfully apply for scholarships. To facilitate the chapters development of its Honors in Action project, Eric attended the International Honors Institute as well as the Regional Honors Institute. He has led the chapters research team to develop a question related to the current Honors Study Topic, The Frontiers and the Spirit of Exploration, and he currently serves as a representative on our Student Government Association.

John BeeBee – Student Leadership Award

John has completed all of the required coursework for both the Job Ready and Advanced Certificates in the HVAC program at Metropolitan Community College Business and Technology. He is currently working to complete his associates degree, and is maintaining a 3.9 GPA. Hes served as a member of the Skills USA organization, and has been recognized in several of the organizations competitions. He also founded the first HVAC student led club on the campus, which allows students to gain valuable lab time and skills while working system installation and service procedures.

Josiah Bell – Student Leadership Award

Josiah has been an active leader of the campus community at Metropolitan Community College Longview since he began serving as a College 100 Peer Leader. Josiah helps his peers problem solve various life and academic challenges. Josiah aslo serves as a presidential fellow, a peer mentor, and most recently, a Writing Studio tutor. This semester, he is the president of True Colors, the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A. club on campus.

Katie Blackburn – Student Leadership Award

Katie is a veteran of the US Army who is now studying to be a nurse. When Katie first began with OTC, she wasn’t convinced she was “college material.” But as mathematics instructor Trish White says, “Katie is learning that past failures do not limit future successes.” Katie has worked very hard, has received an OTC Foundation scholarship, and is an active member of Phi Theta Kappa. Katie also exhibits leadership in the classroom by displaying a positive attitude about learning and helping her peers who struggle with the material.

Kauthar Daud – Student Leadership Award

Kauthar has served as the Social Chair and is currently serving as the President of the Student Ambassador Program. As Social Chair, she organized team-building activities and planned events outside of school and work for the ambassadors to get to know each other on a personal level. As president, Kauthar facilitates team meetings, gives campus tours to a diverse population of students, and provides insight into student involvement and academic success. She also serves as a Peer Mentor at Blue River where she guides current students toward available campus resources and talks through challenges they may be facing.

Madison Omohundro – Student Leadership Award

Madison is the 2015/2016 Wildwood Student Government President, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, Green4Life, STLCC Title 9 Student Advisory Team Representative and served as a campus student liaison for the launch of the new Blackboard Community program. Madison supported local K-12 educational partners as a mentor leader in the Rockwood Coalition. She participated in high school visits and college fairs, and as a Student Ambassador during New Student Registration Workshops and Orientations. Madison is one of the first students to complete the piloted Student Leadership Development Training Certificate this past summer at the Wildwood Campus. She serves as a wonderful example of what student leadership exemplifies.

Margarita Araiza – Student Leadership Award

Margarita has served in numerous student leadership roles at Metropolitan Community College Maple Woods, including member of the Collegiate Activities Board and as Peer Leader. Margarita attended MCCA Rally Day last year where she advocated on behalf of her college, specifically engaging Representative Ryan Silvey. In April 2015, she was invited to attend the MCC Centennial Gala as one of few student members, celebrating 100 years of MCC preparing students, serving communities, and creating opportunities.

Muhammad Farhan Ullah Babar – Student Leadership Award

Farhan has been a very active member of Phi Beta Lamba over the last year, exhibiting tremendous enthusiasm and leadership. He placed first in Desktop Publishing and second in Computer Concepts at the Missouri PBL Leadership Conference in April 2015. He then went on to the national conference in Chicago, where he placed third alongside his partner in Desktop Publishing. He designed and currently maintains the SCC PBL chapter website, and has taken on leadership of the organization. He also serves as Student Senate President at St. Charles Community College and is helping to start a new Computer Programming club at the college.

Nicole Culbertson – Student Leadership Award

Nicole was nominated by Phi Theta Kappa, for which she currently serves as vice president of service. She maintains above a 3.5 GPA, despite also working full-time. This year, she was co-leader in the Honors in Action project, an especially time-consuming area of service. She showed outstanding initiative as the project was developed, completing all of her assigned tasks with the utmost professionalism.

Paige Karius – Student Leadership Award

SCENE newspaper reporter, Ronald McDonald House volunteer and active Campus Life participant, Paige Karius is one of STLCC-Forest Park’s most dedicated students. She’s the current president and Co-Founder of the Disability Awareness Club. Paige is also an active volunteer with Paraquad which is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower people with disabilities to increase their independence through choice and opportunity.

Scott Murphy – Student Leadership Award

In addition to maintaining a 3.87 GPA, Scott serves as a Campus Ambassador, volunteer tutor and assists with a number of campus events and activities. When he is not in class at the Table Rock Campus, he helps coach the Hollister High School marching band percussion section, works full-time in our community’s hospitality industry and cares for his 2-year-old daughter, Aubrie. As a first generation college student, Scott is an outstanding example of what is possible when you commit to creating a better future through higher education.

Shaneil Gowe – Student Leadership Award

Shaneil is currently pursuing a General Studies degree at St. Louis Community College, but plans to transfer to Lindenwood University to pursue degrees in Elementary Education. She has served as the Vice President of the Student Government Association on the Florissant Valley campus, as well as chairing the districtwide Metro U-Pass committee. In her time in Student Government, she championed an initiative to get every credited student a semester U-Pass at no extra cost, assisted in the planning and execution of the SGA Holiday party, and the Club Expo. She helped plan the Spring Break Bash fundraiser for the Ferguson Youth Initiative, serves as a mentor for Collective Souls, Inc., participated in the Ferguson City clean up and provided childcare for job seekers participating in the Urban Leagues Annual Job Fair. In 2015, she received the SGA Officer of the Year Award, and the Board of Trustees Scholarship.

Stephanie Rodriguez-Joos – Student Leadership Award

Stephanie Rodriquez-Joos is the Vice President of the Student Government Association at East Central College and a Peer Coach for Foundations Seminar. She has become a staple member of campus life at East Central College by coordinating engaging programs for the student body. Her commitment to SGA and ECC is visable as she consistantly personally recruits students to become involved with various campus activities while encouraging others to maintain a high level of involvement in their academic success.

Taylor Sidebottom – Student Leadership Award

Taylor serves as a resident assistant, is the 2015-2016 Student Body President and participates in numerous other activities on campus. Taylor is in the TRiO program and recently served as the student representative on the team that developed the new TRiO grant. After completing her Associate of Arts in Psychology she pans on attending the University of Central Missouri.

William Brazeal – Student Leadership Award

William has served as a chapter officer of Phi Theta Kappa as well as the Regional President of the Missouri Region of Phi Theta Kappa. He is currently serving his second year as a regional officer and recently ran a campaing for international office. William is a chapter mentor, works with the veteran’s organization on campus, volunteers in the community and at the college. He consistently works to bring knowledge of leadership and scholarship to all areas of his life. During the last semester, he was integral to the Phi Theta Kappa chapter as they placed eighth internationally out of nearly 1300 chapters.

Jacob Roach – Technology Innovation Award

Jacob was able to harness the power of Twitter to help his math students overcome what can be a pretty difficult subject. When students encountered a problem, they snapped a quick photo of their work, and shared it on Twitter. He then replied back, marking up the photo and offering up guidance and feedback. Through Twitter, Jacob was able to reach students who may not have access to the internet or a computer, but who do have a cell phone.

Gary Noland – Trustee Leadership Award

Gary has served State Fair Community College continuously since 1972. He has worn many hats over the years, including that of instructor, Director of Job Placement, Director of Statewide Job Placement for community colleges and vocational-technical schools, Director of State Fair’s Area Vocational-Technical School, Foundation Board of Directors, and for the last 12 years as College Trustee with service as President of the Board of Trustees for the last eight years. He has been an outstanding and vocal supporter of community colleges for more than 43 years and we truly appreciate his leadership.

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SCC reduces need for remedial math courses, saving students time and money and aiding in degree competition http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/scc-reduces-need-for-remedial-math-courses-saving-students-time-and-money-and-aiding-in-degree-competition/ http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/scc-reduces-need-for-remedial-math-courses-saving-students-time-and-money-and-aiding-in-degree-competition/#comments Mon, 16 Nov 2015 21:40:27 +0000 http://mccatoday.org/?p=10692 The Achieving Success in Math Program at St. Charles Community College has made strides in combatting the one of the most prevalent barriers to student success in college – completing college-level math.

High school students who reach their math requirements by junior year are opting out of math their senior year, not realizing the impact it can have on their college education – placing into a lower class than expected or not passing their first college-level math class.

More than two thirds of community college students take at least one remedial course to prepare for college-level work, according to the American Association of Community Colleges.

“For the majority of students, mathematics is the highest hurdle they have to clear to complete their degree,” said Chris Breitmeyer, vice president for academic and student affairs at St. Charles Community College.

SCC implemented the Achieving Success in College Math program after exploring the correlation between high school math and success in college math. “The program sets students on the right path to be successful in college-level mathematics and higher education as a whole,” Breitmeyer said.

Through the program, funded by the SCC Foundation, SCC math faculty visit high schools within St. Charles County and SCC’s extended five-county service area, encouraging students to take math their senior year and providing them with information about what is expected in college-level math.

“We go directly to the individuals who can make the greatest difference in college placement – the students themselves,” said Joyce Lindstrom, Ed.D., SCC math professor.

Students receive a booklet with college and career readiness tips, and they learn that students who take math in their senior year of high school have a higher placement/assessment score on average than those who did not, according to SCC Math Department data.

“Toward the end of the program, the high school students take a very short assessment test and are unofficially placed into a math class,” said Jackie Radle, SCC math instructor. “It makes everything very real for them. Students are not prepared for the test and usually do not do great. It is easy to demonstrate why they need to prepare.”

The program gives students the knowledge to make the decisions in high school that will ultimately save their time and money while in college. Most importantly, the program’s success means that more students will persist in college and complete a degree.

The program began in 2008 with just 888 students hearing the message. To date, more than 26,000 area high school students have benefited from SCC’s Achieving Success in College Math program.

The success of students who have taken part has demonstrated the program’s measurable benefit.

A reported 83 percent of the students who heard the presentation placed into Beginning Algebra (MAT 098) or above, while only 50 percent of the students who did not hear placed at that level. Additionally, 31 percent of those who heard the presentation placed into at least Interme­diate Algebra (MAT 121), the first level of SCC math courses that awards college-level credit, while only 16 percent of those who did not hear the presentation placed in MAT 121.

Students who heard the presentation are also proving to be more successful in their first SCC math class. More of them chose to take math their first semester at SCC (82.8 percent compared to 70.2 percent), and more passed with an A, B or C (48.7 percent compared to 39.9 percent).

Not only has the program benefited students, it has saved SCC more than $200,000 by offering fewer remedial math courses between the summer 2011 and spring 2015 terms.

“We love this program,” said Erin Coleman, Fort Zumwalt East High School math teacher. “It is eye opening for some students. Reality is, working hard now will pay off in the end, and we have students who need to hear this.”

http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/scc-reduces-need-for-remedial-math-courses-saving-students-time-and-money-and-aiding-in-degree-competition/feed/ 0
SCC’s Schneider selected for Beyond the Best Award http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/sccs-schneider-selected-for-beyond-the-best-award/ http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/sccs-schneider-selected-for-beyond-the-best-award/#comments Mon, 09 Nov 2015 16:34:06 +0000 http://mccatoday.org/?p=10678 St. Charles Community College’s Betsy Schneider, director of development, was selected for Streetscape Magazine’s 2015 Beyond the Best Award.   BSchneider-2012

The Beyond the Best Award recognizes executives, employees and board members in St. Charles, St. Louis and surrounding areas.

“The creativity, energy and expertise Betsy brings to the SCC Foundation is invaluable,” said Kasey McKee, SCC vice president for college advancement. “We are proud, but not surprised, by her receiving this honor. It is well-deserved.”

Schneider has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kentucky.

St. Charles Community College is a public, comprehensive two-year community college with associate degrees and certificate programs in the arts, business, sciences and career-technical fields. SCC provides workforce training and community-based personal and professional development as well as cultural, recreational and entertainment opportunities. For more information, visit stchas.edu.

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SCC wins Region XVI championship, moves one game away from 2nd national championship run http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/scc-wins-region-xvi-championship-moves-one-game-away-from-2nd-national-championship-run/ http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/scc-wins-region-xvi-championship-moves-one-game-away-from-2nd-national-championship-run/#comments Thu, 05 Nov 2015 16:08:11 +0000 http://mccatoday.org/?p=10673 St. Charles Community College defeated cross-town rival St. Louis Community College (SLCC) on Oct. 31 to capture the second-straight Region XVI Championship title.

“We are the only two community colleges in the St. Louis area, so there is a natural rivalry there,” said Josh Tyler, SCC women’s soccer head coach.

The first half was a scoreless battle with very few shots on goal. Seven minutes into the second half, SCC freshman Kayla Collie scored the game-winning goal with an assist from freshman Miranda Clamors.

St. Charles Community College’s women’s soccer team celebrates their Region XVI championship victory over St. Louis Community College on Saturday, Oct. 31. The win qualified them for the District D championship game.

St. Charles Community College’s women’s soccer team celebrates their Region XVI championship victory over St. Louis Community College on Saturday, Oct. 31. The win qualified them for the District D championship game.

“We had to change things up a little bit,” said Jason Wyland, SCC women’s soccer assistant coach. “Miranda made the perfect run, and Kayla kept up with the play and placed it perfectly. It’s always nice to see a half-time adjustment work out.”

SLCC threatened a few times during the remaining 38 minutes, but SCC sophomore keeper Mary McGilvray was clutch in the net, picking up her seventh shutout of the season and landing her the fifth rank in the nation.

“She has been a rock back there for us,” Tyler said. “She is so athletic, which allows her to make saves other keepers would never be able to get to.”

“Our work is not yet done,” said Lacee Wesloh, SCC sophomore co-captain. “We have one more game to (win) to get back to nationals. We just have to step up our game and work even harder.”

SCC has a record of 13-4 for the season and has scored 57 goals total. Coach Tyler was awarded Region XVI Coach of the Year for the second straight season.

SCC will host Lewis and Clark (15-2-2), ranked 7th in the nation, at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 7, for the District D championship game. The two teams tied 0-0 in their only meeting earlier this season. The winning team will qualify for the NJCAA national tournament in Melbourne, Fla., Nov. 16-21.

For complete SCC season stats, visit NJCAA.org. For more information about SCC women’s soccer, visit facebook.com/womenssoccerscc or stchas.edu/athletics.

St. Charles Community College is a public, comprehensive two-year community college with associate degrees and certificate programs in the arts, business, sciences and career-technical fields. SCC provides workforce training and community-based personal and professional development as well as cultural, recreational and entertainment opportunities. For more information, visit stchas.edu.

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SCC takes home 12 regional marketing awards http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/scc-takes-home-12-regional-marketing-awards/ http://mccatoday.org/2015/11/scc-takes-home-12-regional-marketing-awards/#comments Tue, 03 Nov 2015 20:13:49 +0000 http://mccatoday.org/?p=10670 SCC’s Marketing and Communications Department was the recipient of 12 regional awards at the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations District 5 fall conference in Lincoln, Neb.

Some 200 entries were submitted from 21 member colleges across 41 categories in the annual competition. SCC won the following awards:

Gold – Feature Writing (Zsantee Tapley alumni feature), Original Photography-Manipulated (Corey Porter, faculty photo), Folder (Returning Learners), Brochure-Single (Emergence), Newsletter (Chuck student newsletter) and Viewbook (2014-16).

Silver – Social Media/Online Marketing Campaign (Instagram promotion), Original Photography-Manipulated (Zombies), Brochure-Single (Freshman-Sophomore Recruitment) and Annual Report (2013-14).

Bronze – Computer Generated Illustration (Star Wars Scooter) and Flier-Single (Mental Health Offerings).

“There is a great deal of talent in District 5, so it is gratifying to get this kind of positive feedback for the work of the team,” said Heather McDorman, vice president of enrollment and marketing services. “We’re fortunate to have such top-level talent here at SCC.”

The Medallion Awards were presented on Sept. 20. Heather McDorman, vice president for enrollment and marketing services, and Brynne Cramer, public relations coordinator, attended the conference. Other team members are: Ben Munson, director of creative services; Kelly Paladin, graphic designer; Aimee Sagaser, graphic designer; Amber Peterson, marketing specialist; Nick Hogan, website coordinator; Karen Decker, website specialist; and Vicki Seagraves, marketing assistant.

A council of the American Associate of Community Colleges, the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations provides professional development and support to marketing and PR professionals at community and technical colleges. SCC is a member of District 5, including Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, the Canadian province of Manitoba, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

St. Charles Community College is a public, comprehensive two-year community college with associate degrees and certificate programs in the arts, business, sciences and career-technical fields. SCC provides workforce training and community-based personal and professional development as well as cultural, recreational and entertainment opportunities. For more information, visit stchas.edu.

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SCC serves community with first-ever SCC Day of Service http://mccatoday.org/2015/10/scc-serves-community-with-first-ever-scc-day-of-service/ http://mccatoday.org/2015/10/scc-serves-community-with-first-ever-scc-day-of-service/#comments Wed, 28 Oct 2015 20:02:45 +0000 http://mccatoday.org/?p=10654 A Day of Service volunteer expresses her approval at the end of their painting project at Sts. Joachim and Ann in St. Peters, Mo. Photo was first published in SCC's Discover, Fall 2015.

A Day of Service volunteer expresses her approval at the end of their painting project at Sts. Joachim and Ann in St. Peters, Mo. Photo was first published in SCC’s Discover, Fall 2015.

“Heal the world. Make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race.”

Michael Jackson’s lyrics came to fruition as SCC students gave back to the community during its first-ever Day of Service.

The SCC Day of Service took place Friday, Oct. 2, at various locations in the St. Charles community, including Calvary Church, North East Community Action Corporation (NECAC), The Salvation Army, Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service and St. Charles Community College.

SCC Day of Service is a day for SCC students, faculty and staff to participate in a variety of community service projects across St. Charles County. The day exemplifies SCC’s commitment to serving the community by focusing on student success and lifelong learning.

The idea of having a community outreach day that involved members of the SCC community had been in the works for years, but a budget for the event was hard to put together. After a final push from Beth Finders, then dean of student success, the event came to fruition.

“There has always been a strong desire to hold a Day of Service at SCC,” said Bryonie Carter, assistant professor of English and service learning co-coordinator at SCC. “This fall was a pilot event, but the event was so successful, we are hoping to make it a semiannual event – one during the fall semester and one during the spring semester.”

Close to 60 volunteers participated, with an even spread of people through all five on- and off-campus projects.

“We were thrilled to have a mix of faculty, staff, students and administrators participate,” Carter said. “The organizations were thrilled to have our help!”

The first project organizers identified took place on the SCC campus. Volunteers assisted the college’s groundskeepers by pulling weeds along the Great Rivers Greenway Trail. The next project had staff and students helping with landscaping needs at nearby Calvary Church.

“Matt Miller from Calvary Church helped us connect with other agencies in St. Charles that needed help. With his guidance, we reached out to North East Community Action Corporation (NECAC), The Salvation Army and Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service,” Carter said.

Volunteers at all five sites completed their respective projects, and, in some cases, groups were able to help the agencies with more than they originally had planned.

Jackie Radle, instructor of developmental math at SCC, decided to participate in SCC’s Day of Service because despite the fact that she doesn’t typically volunteer, she found the event interesting and wanted to help for the common good.

“I chose to work at Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service. I know that they provide a huge service to the less fortunate in our area, and I was curious to learn more about what they do,” Radle said. “I worked with roughly a dozen students and we spent about four hours painting.”

“As their regular staff squeezed their way through our mess throughout the morning, it was so rewarding to hear how thankful they were for what we were doing,” Radle continued. “It’s funny that having a bright white hallway, rather than a dingy yellow hallway with rainbows and butterflies, can make such a difference. Making a positive difference for these people, who help so many others, was very rewarding!”

Now that Radle has a contact at Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service she plans to volunteer there again.

“I love to help people. That’s why I teach. That’s why I coach. It is very easy to get caught up in your own little world and to say that you’re just too busy to fit anything else in, but this is just a different avenue to help out. My family will be joining me the next time around!”

For Radle, one of the most memorable things about volunteering was coming together as strangers to help someone in need.

“For the most part, we were a group of strangers. Seeing the group transform from being shy and quiet into having discussions and listening to loud music was great. When we finished, Glenn, the director, offered to give us a tour of the facility to explain what exactly they offer the community. We were tired and were covered in paint, but not one person said they didn’t have time for a tour.”

Taylor Mayes, student at SCC, got involved with the Day of Service because it was a requirement for her service learning course. Although she participated to complete class requirements, she said she couldn’t believe how fulfilling the experience was.

“I volunteered with Calvary Church and helped them plant almost a hundred trees as well as work on other landscaping that needed to be done,” said Mayes. “I chose that organization because I love doing anything that involves nature.”

Maybe it was a little dirt and manual labor that made it fun. Maybe it was the camaraderie. Either way, Mayes and others had a great time.

“I couldn’t imagine how long it would’ve taken them to do all of that work without us. I met some really amazing people at the church, and it makes me want to get more involved with our community,” Mayes said.

Bryonie Carter, along with Kelley Pfeiffer and Mandi Smith who spearheaded SCC Day of Service, couldn’t be more pleased with how the event turned out.

“I was most gratified by the fact that many, if not all, participants came away from the event deeply affected by their experiences,” Carter added. “Hopefully this will aid our mission of advocating for community engagement across campus, both inside the classroom with service learning experiences and outside the classroom with community initiatives like this one.”

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MCCA recognizes Clemco Industries with MoWINs Partnership Award http://mccatoday.org/2015/10/mcca-to-recognize-clemco-industries-with-mowins-partnership-award/ http://mccatoday.org/2015/10/mcca-to-recognize-clemco-industries-with-mowins-partnership-award/#comments Tue, 27 Oct 2015 14:39:49 +0000 http://mccatoday.org/?p=10646
welding 4

MCCA recognizes Clemco Industries with MoWINs Partnership Award

Clemco Industries is one of Franklin County’s largest manufacturers that specializing in air-powered blast equipment.

The Washington, MO based company has a long-standing relationship with East Central College that was strengthened when Clemco leaders donated floor space inside their facility to the ECC Center for Workforce Development.

Since February 2015 the space has been used for six welders to provide an 8-week Introduction to MIG Welding program, that’s funded by the MoManufacturingWINs program.

In addition to the donated space, Clemco also covers the utility costs associated with housing and operating the welders and partners with the college to purchase materials and supplies for the program.

The partnership allows East Central to continue providing an affordable welding program after the grant ends. Clemco’s only request was they they have the first opportunity to recruit students who complete the program.

The partnership between East Central College and Clemco Industries provides a great example of a public/private partnership that is leveraging resources to strengthen the area’s workforce.

http://mccatoday.org/2015/10/mcca-to-recognize-clemco-industries-with-mowins-partnership-award/feed/ 0