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North Central Missouri College welcomes new president

Dr. Lenny Klaver (pro-nounced clay-ver) of Houghton, Michigan officially began his duties as president of North Central Missouri College on June 1. The Trustees of North Central Missouri College voted to offer a contract to Klaver on March 31. He was one of two finalists invited to Trenton to meet with the community and college officials.  Dr. Klaver and his son Easton will plan to move to Trenton in the coming months.  Easton will graduate from high school this May. Dr. Klaver also has ... Read more

MCCA moves the needle on all four legislative priorities

This year, MCCA celebrated one of our most successful legislative sessions on record: 1. We secured an additional $4.5 million in equity funding for Missouri's community colleges. 2. We ensured that Missouri will keep its A+ promise by advocating for and receiving an additional $2.5 million to fully-fund the A+ Scholarship program for another year. 3. We worked with our four-year partners to lock in a 4 percent increase in performance funding. 4. We helped to maintain support and funding for the Missouri Works Training Program. In ... Read more

Changes to the A+ Scholarship Program advance

Every year, the final weeks of the legislative session signal a frenzy of activity. There are simply too many bills and not enough time to pass them all, so legislators tack amendments onto the legislation that is most likely to pass. This is exactly what happened to SB 650, which eliminates the requirement that students have to attend an A+ high school for the immediate three years before graduation. Earlier in the session, MCCA provided testimony in support of the bill as it ... Read more

Governor signs FY2017 higher education budget

MCCA's advocacy efforts paid off yesterday as Gov. Jay Nixon signed HB 2003, the Fiscal Year 2017 budget for higher education. The budget includes many of MCCA's top priorities, including: A $4.5 million increase in community college equity funding A 4 percent performance funding increase And a $2.5 million increase for the A+ scholarship program All told, the budget increases community college funding by roughly $10 million, and provides an additional $71.3 million for higher education as a whole. This will bring state support for operations at Missouri public ... Read more

MCCA tackles performance funding and developmental education

This week, Missouri's Coordinating Board for Higher Education approved MCCA's recommendation to replace two outdated performance funding measures that financially penalize Missouri’s colleges. Since the initial performance funding measures were drafted, studies done by groups like Complete College America have shown that there are more effective methods than the traditional developmental education sequence. For that reason, many of Missouri’s community colleges have adopted innovative remedial education approaches. These innovations, though, have evolved more quickly than the performance funding model itself. In fact, two of ... Read more

Phi Theta Kappa and Excellence in Teaching award ceremony

MCCA honored 59 outstanding community colleges students and faculty at this month's Phi Theta Kappa and Excellence in Teaching award ceremony. About the Awards The All-Missouri Academic Team.  Missouri was the first state to recognize outstanding students through an all-state academic team program.  The Missouri Community College Association and Phi Theta Kappa worked together to create the inaugural program in 1994.  Since then, the idea has been adopted by 36 other states and is an important part of Phi Theta Kappa’s national agenda. Members ... Read more

Budget passes, now awaits Governor’s action

Just yesterday, the legislature passed the final version of the state's $27 billion budget. The Governor now has 15 days to decide whether to pass the bill in its entirety or to make line item vetoes. MCCA has already begun activating key stakeholders in an effort to encourage the Governor to approve our top budget priorities. Among these items are: Performance Funding: All public higher education institutions will receive a 4 percent increase. Tuition Freeze: The committee removed the amendment that would have prohibited colleges and universities ... Read more

Conference Committee begins negotiations

This week the Capitol’s focus shifted to social issues, while behind the scenes, the state budget inched toward completion. Members of the House-Senate Conference Committee were named and began the negotiation process that will resolve the differences between the House and Senate versions of the budget. Conference Committee members include: Sen. Kurt Schaefer Sen. Ryan Silvey Sen. Dan Brown Sen. Kiki Curls Sen. Jamilah Nasheed Rep. Tom Flanigan Rep. Caleb Rowden Rep. Donna Lichtenegger Rep. Karla May Rep. Michael Butler As soon as the Senate version of the budget was passed, MCCA’s strategy shifted ... Read more

Senate passes budget, with a caveat

The Senate Appropriations committee finished its review of the state budget this week, and the full Senate approved it late Thursday afternoon.  In the final Senate version are some big wins for Missouri's colleges, as well as one problematic amendment. The $27 billion state budget is now headed to a joint Senate-House conference committee to reconcile the differences between the budget bills in each chamber. As we reported last week, the Senate passed a $4.5 million increase in equity funding and a $2.5 ... Read more

Medicaid spending casts shadow over state budget

A large portion of the Senate Appropriations Committee’s time this week was spent discussing the state’s Medicaid budget. According to Committee Chairman Kurt Schaefer, the Medicaid budget alone is going to require $395 million while the state’s anticipated growth is only $366 million. The potential result is that the situation will force funding away from other important issues like education and transportation. As it stands right now, community college equity funding remains at a $4.5 million increase and higher education performance funding ... Read more
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