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2014 Legislative Agenda

MCCA respectfully asks the Governor and General Assembly to:

  • Provide adequate, equitable funding to support all public colleges’ and universities’ operating budgets.  Community colleges are specifically seeking a $15 million addition to their core operating appropriation to address inter- and intra-sector equity.  This increase is comparable to the $15.2 million in increases public universities received in the FY 14 budget and should be in addition to any increase approved for all higher education institutions.  It also recognizes community colleges’ service to the state.  Community colleges educate 46% of Missouri’s undergraduates but only receive 15% of the funds appropriated to public colleges and universities.
  • Keep the A+ promise.  Students who meet the requirements to receive A+ awards should receive what they were promised:  Full tuition and fees at a community college or area career/technical school.
  • Maintain funding for programs that enhance workforce competitiveness and economic development, such as the new and retained jobs training programs and the customized training program.
  • Develop a plan to make a substantial, ongoing investment in public college and university facilities.
MCCA Rally Day 2013
 MCCA Rally Day 2013
MCCA Rally Day 2013MCCA Rally Day 2013

Clockwise from top left, MCCA Executive Director Zora Mulligan addresses assembled legislators and community college representatives at the 2013 MCCA Rally Day; delegates from Three Rivers College meet at the Capitol in 2013; college representatives speak with Rep. Mike Thomson; St. Louis Community College students support MCCA.